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Hemalimit Powder is a sterile highly efficient haemostat based on hydrogen calcium salt of oxidized cellulose.It is destined to stop capillary bleeding and/or venous bleeding from parenchymatous organs, during or after surgery.

Product Characteristics

Exhibits immediate haemostatic effect
exhibits immediate haemostatic effect, the full haemostasis is achieved within 2 minutes after application
Fully absorbed in 12 - 72 hours
It is fully absorbed in 12 – 72 hours depending on the type of form applied and wound extent
Entirely eliminated in 7 - 21 days
It is entirely eliminated in 7 – 21 days, there are no deposits left behind in tissues and cells
It exhibits no sensitising properties and causes no adverse immunoreaction of organism even in case of recurrent application
Bio-compatible, Bio-degradable
non-acidifying haemostat of natural origin
It encourages wound healing
Well tolerated by the organism It encourages wound healing where applied
No risk of irritating the wound
Presents no risk of irritating the wound, no granulomas are formed
Bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect
Has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, the epithelisation process is accelerated

Special Features

Due to the content of carboxyl groups (16-24%) and calcium ions, it supports the biological healing process, and has the proven features of being bactericidal and bacteriostatic

Due to the content of Ca2+ ions and their assumed blocking effect, a partial pain relief in the site is observed without the need for local anesthetics


Hemalimit Powder is suitable for use in:

  • General surgery and digestive surgery,
  • Plastic surgery,
  • Orthopaedic surgery,
  • Neurosurgery,
  • Thoracic surgery,
  • Vascular surgery,
  • Gynaecology,
  • Urology
  • All other branches of surgery
  • Traumatology and Stomatology

In dental praxis, the preparation shall be also used to arrest prolonged post-extraction capillary bleeding.

Method of Use

After opening the outer packaging and undoing the cover apply a thin layer of powder on to a bleeding area by repeatedly pressing the sides of the bottle.
The powder that does not get saturated with blood,is recommended to be removed.
The powder layer saturated with blood becomes red to dark brown that need not be removed – it will be gradually absorbed.
In case of an application into a cavity or small area, use the applicator by fixing it on to the sprinkler.
If the blood still oozes slightly through, but the powder is not washed off, apply another layer, or if possible press the layer down by sterile devices until the haemostasis is initiated.
If needed for a superficial treatment, use a cushion plaster or dressing.
If the powder is washed off by blood, it indicates an inappropriate use as the preparation is destined to control non-pressure bleeding only.


HEMA LIMIT powder is packed into a triple sterile packaging that guarantees a perfect sterility.
The primary/inner packaging shall be a plastic bottle with a sprinkler and a cover, with the added applicator for use to cavities or precise application.
The secondary/outer packaging shall be one-side transparent, with the peel-effect for an easy opening and the additional outer packaging shall be one-side transparent, with the peel-effect for an easy opening.
The packaging contains 3g or 5g of active substance.


Storage Conditions
It should be stored at controlled temperatures (preferably between -20 oC to +25 oC)

Sterilized by gamma irradiation


Shelf Life
Shelf Life for 3 years



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10 Units/Box

Hemalimit 3g


10 Units/Box

Hemalimit 5g


HLP 3 / 10 Units/Box / Hemalimit 3g

HLP 5 / 10 Units/Box / Hemalimit 5g


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