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Biongraft is a porous synthetic ceramic, based in Tricalcium Phosphate (b-TCP).
The TCP component, resorbs quickly and allows the ceramic to have properties which facilitate excellent osteointegration.

Our Synthetic Bone Substitutes are manufactured under patented process, which allow us to mimic the microarchitecture of the human bone. The interconnected porosity allows a full colonization of the graft by the host cells

Biongraft is indicated for use as a bone graft substitute to the support of bone tissue formation at non-load bearing osseous defects created surgically or through traumatic injury.
It may be combined with autogenous blood and/or bone marrow as well as with other bone grafts.
Biongraft features an interconnected porosity that guides the regeneration of the bone. As the bone healing process occurs, Biongraft is resorbed and replaced by new bone.


General Features of Biongraft

%100 synthetic
Contains no tissue of human or animal origin therefore carries no risk of disease transmission.
Provides a scaffold for new bone. Highly interconnected porosity with excellent mechanical resistance.
With its optimized porous structure and chemical composition, our products are suitable for the continuous remodeling cycle of healthy bone. β-TCP resorbs over time and being replaced with bone during the healing process.
Could be detected via CT and X-ray.
Available in granules, sticks, blocks, wedges, and putty form at different sizes for different indications.


  • Ridge augmentation for implant insertions
  • Alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extractions
  • Sinus elevation procedures
  • Infrabony defects
  • Treatment of recession defects
  • Furcation defect
  • Lateral and Crestal Sinus Augmentation
  • Filling of defect of endodontic origin
  • Cysts or other Osseous defects


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Biongraft Synthetic Bone Substitutes
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