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Biongraft Barrier Membrane specifically engineered for periodontal restorative surgeries and assists in the regeneration of bone and periodontal support tissues. Fabricated from a biocompatible and bioresorbable medical grade poly(lactic acid) based synthetic polymer with a long history of safe medical use.

Product Characteristics

Fully resorbed

Fully resorbed after 15-20 weeks after implantation

Contains no tissue of human or animal origin

Contains no tissue of human or animal origin therefore carries no risk of disease transmission.

Prevents fibrous tissue growth

Prevents fibrous tissue growth in bone area.

No requirement for removing membranes

No requirement for removing membranes due to complete bioresorption.

Exterior side of Biongraft Dental Barrier Membrane compose of non-porous poly(lactic acid) (PLA) based film to prevent epithelial cells and fibroblast migration.

Interior side of Biongraft Dental Barrier Membrane compose of porous poly(lactic acid) (PLA) based microfibers to enhance mesenchymal stem cells adhesion, proliferation and differentiation.


  • Ridge augmentation
  • Lateral and Crestal Sinus Augmentation
  • Sinus lifts
  • Filling of defect of endodontic origin
  • Cysts or other Osseous defects
  • Alveolar bone regeneration

                 Application of Biongraft Dental Barrier Membrane.



TBGM1520 Barrier Membrane 15X20 mm 1 unit/Box
TBGM1525 Barrier Membrane 15×25 mm 1 unit/Box
TBGM2020 Barrier Membrane 20×20 mm 1 unit/Box
TBGM2025 Barrier Membrane 20×25 mm 1 unit/Box
TBGM2030 Barrier Membrane 20×30 mm 1 unit/Box
TBGM3040 Barrier Membrane 30×40 mm 1 unit/Box
TBGM2530 Barrier Membrane 25×30 mm 1 unit/Box


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