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ALECTA Spine Fixation System

BIONGRAFT Synthetic Bone Substitutes

HEMALIMIT Powder Haemostats


Spine fixation systems


Synthetic Bone Substitutes


Tricalcium Phosphate (b-TCP)

Biongraft is a porous synthetic ceramic, based in Tricalcium Phosphate (b-TCP). Our Synthetic bone substitutes are manufactured under patented process, which allow us to mimic the microarchitecture of the human bone. The interconnected porosity allows a full colonization of the graft by the host cells.

Biongraft Putty (syringe form)

Moldable Synthetic Bone Substitute

Biongraft is an injectable and formable paste bone graft based on hydrogel and Beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), including ZrO2 nanoparticles for antibacterial efficacy. Biongraft is a safe and fully biocompatible material which is designed to act as an osteoconductive scaffold to support the ingrowth and fusion of adjacent viable bone when placed in an osseous environment .It also provides a bone void filler that resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process.


Granules, Sticks, Wedges

Biongraft is a Beta Tricalcium phosphate(b-TCP) based porous bone graft substitutes including ZrO2 nanoparticles for antibacterial efficacy.
The interconnectivity of porous structure and microporosity assist capillary motion of blood and body fluids, enhanced penetration for osteogenic cells, and ossification of the synthetic matrix. For macroporosity, Biongraft Granules, Sticks, wedges & Blocks allows deep invasion of bone cells into the matrix.

Biongraft Flex

Flexible Synthetic Bone Substitute

Biongraft Flex has a unique micro and macro porous structure that most closely resemble the architecture of natural human bone. It gradually dissolves in the body, promoting new bone formation through the release of calcium and phosphate ions. In time, the porous structure becomes completely infiltrated with cells and replaced by healthy viable bone.


bone cements


Bone Cement (Spine & Ortho)

Biongraft Bone Cement, based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) . A widely used biomaterial due to its ease of use in clinical practice and especially the long survival rate proven by dentures.


They are indicated as haemostatic devices used to arrest capillary and minor venous bleeding and parenchymateous or osseous bleeding from resected or injured organ surfaces during surgical interventions.



Easy Application

Having taken the product out of the sterile packages, HEMALIMIT can be immediately applied on to the bleeding area.

Cost – Effective Treatment

HEMALIMIT is an efficient local haemostat, the haemostatic effect is almost immediate. The full haemostasis is achieved by 2 minutes after application bringing thus economic benefits.

Safe Application

HEMALIMIT is biocompatible, biodegradable, non-acidifying haemostatic preparation of natural origin made from high quality alpha cellulose cotton. It causes no irritating reactions on the application area, is declared a hypoallergenic preparation well tolerated by the organism with no adverse effects as such that could have been reported.

HEMALIMIT has bactericidal and bacteriostatic features due to the presence of carboxyl groups and low pH features, and presents also a significant effect on healing process in wounds.

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