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Biongraft FLEX


Biongraft Flex is composed of b-TCP and resorbable PLA based Synthetic Polymer.The polymer of the Flex is metabolite lactic acid and is degraded to CO2 and H2O.

Biongraft Flex has a unique micro and macro porous structure that most closely resemble the architecture of natural human bone. It gradually dissolves in the body, promoting new bone formation through the release of calcium and phosphate ions. In time, the porous structure becomes completely infiltrated with cells and replaced by healthy viable bone.

Product Features

Easy to Use
Biongraft flex provides great handling with high elasticity for specific cases.
%100 synthetic
Contains no tissue of human or animal origin therefore carries no risk of disease transmission.
With its optimized porous structure and chemical composition, Biongraft Flex is suitable for the continuous remodeling cycle of healthy bone.
b-TCP resorbs over time and be replaced with bone during the healing process.
Act as a scaffold and support bone tissue regeneration. Similar to the mineral found in bone tissue.
Highly Interconnected porosity with excellent mechanical resistance.


Biongraft Flex is indicated to be gently packed or placed into bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system (i.e. the extremities spine and pelvis.), and to fill cavities or defects resulting from cysts, tumors, or other causes major disc collapse

Easy Application

  • Biongraft Flex can be applied directly or in combination with bone marrow aspirate/blood to the surgical site.
  • Wetting Biongraft Flex increases flexibility.
  • Place Biongraft Flex into the surgical site just before the closure of the surgical area once all metallic implants are stable.
  • Biongraft Flex can be cut to fit into a lumbar or cervical cage.



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