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Alecta Cervical Expandable Peek Cage

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Cervical Expandable Peek Cage

Alecta Cervical Expandable Peek Cage is manufactured by using PEEK material, which is compatible with MRI and CT and which does not result in permanent lesions. This product is implanted at the anterior disc distance by using the Smith-Robinson technique. Owing to its threaded surface feature; which allows for holding to superior and inferior surfaces, implantation can be completed without a need for fixation with a second implant such as a cervical plate. The availability of trial implants used for selecting the appropriate size of the product and the potential of performing the implantation procedure with Alecta Trial Inserter as the only hand-held tool offer the user a practical and a time saving procedure.


  • The parts of the cages in contact with the corpi are threaded, allowing for an easy grip.
  • The cages are perforated and designed to allow for filling with bone grafts.
  • The broad area of the cage surface contacts the corpus preventing collapses.



  • Disc herniation
  • Degenerative discopathy and instability
  • Restoration of the disc height




1. Firstly, the target area is confirmed by using an imaging device. Alecta Caspar Pin screws are screwed into the vertebra; which underwent removal of the superior and inferior discs, by using a conveyor .

2. The sockets of the Caspar Distractor are placed over the screws. Vertebral distraction is performed by rotating the wing nut clockwise.

3. A single or multi-level discectomy can be performed depending on the condition to be treated.


4. To achieve a complete discectomy, the cartilage layers of adjacent vertebrae must be removed.


5. The appropriate trial implant is placed in Alecta Trial Inserter and the safety stopper is adjusted.

6. The trial implant is placed in the intervertebral space under fluoroscopy. Make sure that the hand-held tool is in the cranial position. The size of the trial implant is the same with that of the true implant.



7. The selected Cervical Peek Cage is attached to the end-piece of the Alecta Cage Inserter hand-held tool and placed on the socket.

8.The Alecta Cervical Peek Cage is filled with graft by using a graft driver.



9. Under fluoroscopy guidance, the Cervical PEEK Cage is placed in the disc space.

10. A further 1 mm-distraction may be required to facilitate the implantation of the Cervical PEEK Cage (to implant the device). When the distraction effect is no longer present, the fixation pins will hold onto the end plates.


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