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Alecta Corpectomy Mesh

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Corpectomy Mesh

Alecta Corpectomy Mesh are designed for the treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine disorders.

Corpectomy meshes can be placed anteriorly, laterally, and anteriorly laterally depending on the level on the spine.

Performing Corpectomy and the Preparation of Endplates: : Depending on the pathological changes in the patient, corpectomy can be partial or total. The upper layers of the cartilage endplates are incised until exposing the bone. Excessive exposure of the subchondral bone may render the vertebral endplates weak. If the plate is dislocated completely and penetrates into the adjacent vertebra; it may lead to the loss of segmental stability consequently.

Selection of Implant Height and Placement of the Implant : Using a parallel distractor, interacting parts are retracted and the height is measured. A corpectomy caliper can be used to measure the height of the opening. Biomech Corpectomy Mesh Implant is placed in the prepared hole by using the proper implant holder. At the end of the implant placement procedure, the implant is tapped slightly with the implant holder. When the implant is appropriately placed, the implant holder and the distractor are released carefully.

Applying the Bone Graft: The area surrounding Alecta Corpectomy Mesh is covered with tissue. It perfectly fuses with the surface area enabling the fixation. Therefore, this area is filled in with bone graft material as much as possible. Particularly, the anterior parts of the implant are filled in.


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